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Character Animation for 3D Promotional Advertising

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Sights consumers love to see in animated graphic advertisements include:
  • A unique character, skillfully animated, doing something different or funny

  • Grand scenes with lavish, beautiful lighting and textures

  • 3D animation realistically composited with live action in such a way that it really looks as if the action is in the live scene

  • One or more normally inanimate objects animated in a lively, lifelike and convincing manner

  • Something cute, funny, interesting, eye-catching, engaging, fascinating, compelling and/or different
Samples of 3D Character Animation for Promotional Advertising through TV Commercials

funny tv commercial advertising promotion funny tv commercial

"Tractor-Spider-Crab" Monster 3D Computer Animated Character

Download TV Commercial   Download Character Animation (.avi) - 15 Mb

The "Tractor-Spider-Crab" monster is a photorealistic digital character. Something of a whimsical agricultural urban nightmare, it actually looks more ominous and threatening than it really is. This hilarious mind-bending 3d animation was made by compositing a highly-detailed 3D animated model over actual video footage. The net result looks totally convincing and pricelessly funny.

Note: DivX codec plug-in or viewer is needed to see the animation.

The Aliens Have Landed... and -who'da thunk it- they're cute & cudly!

funny tv commercial advertising promotion- character animation - Alien

Download TV Commercial   Download Animation (.avi) - 4.6 Mb

Millions upon millions of people around the world share an affection for animated characters and productions, often because they carry a basic message that meaningfully connects with everyone at every age...

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