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The judicious application 3D animated logo statements in any presentation reflects positively on the perception of your company or organization with your target audience. 3D logo animations are widely used on TV and video productions to create a strong company image. They can also be usefully multi-purposed in video presentations, TV commercials, web animations, and many other places where you want your messages to be expressed.

Logo Animation for HDTV Television Infomercial

funny tv commercial There are 3 different variants of the music for this logo animation.

  Download Logo Animation - 12 Mb

A few variants with different music:

Variant 2   Download - 12 Mb
Variant 3   Download - 12 Mb

Corporate Logo Animation for the Dubai International Stock Exchange

3d logo animation - music included This elaborate 25 seconds logo-unveiling and statement animation was used for the official opening of the Middle-East stock exchage, the 4th global stock exchange market of the world.

Download Logo Animation   Download Logo Statement Animation - 12 Mb

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