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In spite of the fact that TV commercials are generally considered highly expensive, they are nevertheless a relatively affordable medium which can greatly increase your company's profits. It remains the absolute most effective mass-market advertising format.

Show your product in action. Make it look creative, funny, genial, engaging, compelling, fascinating, attractive, "sexy". Make sure to weave in a call to action. Effective TV commercials merge and orchestrate amination and audio into a powerfully persuasive sales tool.
Samples of 3D Animated Promotional Advertising in TV Commercials

funny tv commercial advertising promotion funny tv commercial

Central heating system 3D-animated TV Advertising.

Download TV Commercial   Download TV Ad (.wmv) - 19.1 Mb
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This is an entirely computer generated commercial. It is classical Christmas and winter oriented television ad. The Butterfly-of-Homy-Warmth -the customer's logo- flits and flutters through the cold house and infuses it with reviving warmth. Christmas' atmosphere abounds. Magic sparkles beyond a cold door, the customers' products take on the magical traits of fireworks, with sparkles raining from the butterfly wings. One of the advantages of this ad is that even though the Christmas mood is strongly present, it can nevertheless be used at nearly any time of the year.

NRG 24/7 Product Visualization

funny tv commercial advertising promotion funny tv commercial

For the NRG 24/7 infomercial, we produced a virtual flight through a working high-performance car engine to visually impress on consumer audiences how the high-tech NRG 24/7 lubrication solution works and benefits the user's car... and wallet. The animations explains the way the product works by zooming in all the way down to the molecular scale where individual product atoms are shown to be doing their beneficial stuff. By means of a side by side animation comparing a situation where the product is being used to one where it isn't, the product's salient advantages are highlighted.

Download TV Commercial   Download TV Commercial (.mov) - 12.9 Mb

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